County Vision Project

Hardin County is going through a major transformation which is unique to Kentucky.  The ongoing base realignment at Fort Knox (commonly referred to as BRAC) is bringing big changes to the Post and to the entire County.

In order to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity, Hardin County Government commissioned a visioning project for the purpose of building upon the positive momentum created by BRAC.  The project was designed to build upon Hardin County’s strengths and current growth opportunities, identify weaknesses, maximize efficiencies and establish strategic community goals.


Louisville-based consulting firm L.B. Schmidt & Associates, LLC was retained to conduct the project on behalf of Hardin County Government and in partnership with the Lincoln Trail Area Development District and the United States Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment.

The project’s methodology included a community strategic assessment (which included analysis of previously conducted studies and interviews with key groups and organizations).  Also included in the community assessment was a 30 page confidential key stakeholder survey which was sent to 100 community leaders representing the agriculture, business, education, government, health care, industrial, military and tourism sectors, and, two community leadership forums.

Hardin County Vision Project Summary DownloadLearn more about the Vision Project and its 24 strategic goals.