Al Rider Introduces the Hardin County Education Roadmap

In May 2010, as follow-up to the Hardin County Vision Project, the Education Sub-Committee of Hardin County United, chaired by North Central Education Foundation, undertook identifying and researching all of the educational opportunities in Hardin County. From this research, an “Education Map” of experiences from birth through adulthood was formed. This pathway for lifelong learning offers something never available to this community before – an index of educational assets.

Download the Education Roadmap

We see many uses and ways this work can benefit Hardin County and the surrounding region.  Most importantly, it compiles all educational opportunities into one convenient place in an easily searchable format.

Personal Development

For our residents, this makes navigating the educational system easier. It also raises awareness of the varied opportunities offered by many entities. For new people moving into our community, it provides them with a quick glance of offerings in their new community and a reference tool as their education needs change during their time here.

When middle and high school guidance counselors begin to use this information with students, it will give them educational and vocational opportunities to explore right in their home community.

Community Development

Education is a major component of community development and this map gives the community an index of educational assets. Community leaders can easily see strengths to build upon and identify the skills needed to help the community grow. Education service providers can use the map to identify opportunities for expanded services to meet changing community needs.

Economic Development

Economic Development groups now have a powerful tool to show prospective companies the capacity of the community to provide the needed workforce, importance of education in the community, and the availability of educational opportunities for their employees and families. This inventory of the education and skills most prevalent in the community will also help economic development target companies who need the degrees and training currently being provided here.

Ft. Knox Development

Education in Hardin County is significantly impacted by the presence of Ft. Knox in our community. The education community works to continually meet the needs of Ft. Knox workers and their families. Now the product of this work and the available education is readily accessible. As the largest employer and basis for attracting new people in the region, this tool gives Ft. Knox a quick view of the education and skills readily available in this market.

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