Hardin County United backs push for increased alcohol sales

Hardin County United backs push for increased alcohol sales

The following article was written by Marty Finley and first appeared in The News-Enterprise on Thursday, March 24, 2011.  The full, online version is available here:  http://www.thenewsenterprise.com/content/hardin-county-united-backs-push-increased-alcohol-sales.

Organization feels change in law will boost business

Hardin County United has joined the charge for a special option election to expand alcohol sales in Hardin County.

The organization formally announced today its support for Yes for Economic Success, a collective of local organizations and residents that have partnered to lead concurrent petition drives in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove.

“HCU fully respects the view that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is a personal choice,” said HCU Chairman and Hardin County Judge-Executive Harry Berry in the statement. “However, HCU believes that it is entirely appropriate to allow voters to express how they feel about the issue and therefore we support the ongoing petition drive to obtain the required number of signatures to bring this issue to a vote in all three cities.”

HCU maintains it will increase revenue, expand economic growth and attract more tourists to the area if the laws are changed.

Members of Y.E.S. have said they are approaching the issue entirely from an economic perspective and feel the county is allowing alcohol revenue to seep into surrounding counties. In addition, Y.E.S. has said the current alcohol restrictions are hampering the growth of business.

Hardin County Clerk Kenny Tabb has said Y.E.S. will need to obtain more than 3,600 signatures total to place expanded alcohol sales to a vote in the three cities.

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  1. nunya buisness says:

    Entire counties or cities of people should not be forced to conform to religious ideology (not just my opinion, check the constitution). National prohibition was an epic failure for real reasons. The consequences of alcohol abuse cannot be controlled by using public law based on antiquated or religious persuasions. History shows time and time again these kinds of policies results only in an increased amount of criminal activity and abuse. It makes alcohol a forbidden fruit to underage children who will become more likely to abuse it if they find it available.

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