Introducing the Education Committee Chairman

Al Rider

Photo of Al RiderAl Rider is one of the top leaders in the field of education in Hardin County.  Rider serves as the President/CEO of the North Central Education Foundation, a position that he has held since 1992.  The Foundation provides leadership to the region in the area of educational program development.  Rider serves as a catalyst for the development and implementation of ideas for change that lead to greater educational access and attainment.  Al Rider has been instrumental in the recent expansion of post-secondary educational program offerings in the County by working with numerous colleges and universities as they have expanded into Hardin County.  Rider was honored in 2008 with the Joseph W. Kelly Award which was given by the Kentucky Department of Education for exemplary leadership in education.  Currently, Al Rider is serving as the Educational Liaison for the BRAC transformation at Fort Knox.

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