Proposal Would Clarify Merged Government

The Associated Press
Posted: 1:43pm on Mar 21, 2012; Modified: 1:48pm on Mar 21, 2012

FRANKFORT, KY. — The question that comes up in discussions about the merger of city and county governments is, “How would it work?” The Senate State and Local Government Committee has passed a bill that would attempt to answer that question.

Rep. Jimmie Lee and Sen. Dennis Parrett, both Elizabethtown Democrats, brought the bill before the committee Wednesday, where it was unanimously approved. They said it was prompted by discussions in Hardin County about possible merger of local governments.

Lee explained that the bill would clarify how the process would occur. Parrett said the question would ultimately be left to residents. If, for example, a city council voted to join a merged government, but the residents voted against it in a referendum, it would fail.

The legislation is House Bill 189.

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