The News-Enterprise: Hardin County Chamber Supports Creation of Unified Review Commission

Organization says positives too good to ignore

The following article by Marty Finley appeared in The News-Enterprise on September 19, 2011. You can see the full, online version here:

The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce has thrown its support behind Hardin County United’s charge to form a unification review commission.

The chamber’s support is a positive for HCU after facing strong opposition from several public officials, with Radcliff City Council electing to formally withdraw from the unification process last week.

The chamber in a statement argued the potential benefits are too strong to ignore, including the ability to leverage a unified government’s size to attract more businesses and industry to the area, thereby creating more jobs. The chamber also expressed interest in the ability to “speak with one voice.”

“These potential benefits of unified local government can only be determined through the establishment of a Unification Review Commission,” said Hardin County Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Tom Hewlett in a statement. “There are so many ‘what ifs’ right now and the only way we can determine what unified government might look like is through the establishment of the commission.”

The creation of a unification review commission also has been supported by the Hardin County Public Library board.

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