The News-Enterprise: Library Board Supports Forming Unified Government Commission

The following article by Amber Coulter first appeared in The News-Enterprise on August 12, 2011. The full, online version can be seen here:

A county board has expressed support for a proposal to develop a unified government in Hardin County.

The Hardin County Public Library Board of Trustees approved a resolution calling for the establishment of the unification review commission to develop a plan for a unified government.

If formed, the commission will develop a plan for a unified government to be presented to voters. November 2012 is the target date for a vote.

The library board is the first community organization to openly support the moving to the next step of the process.

Library Director Rene Hutcheson said the board is supporting forming the commission, not necessarily forming a unified government.

“They’re in favor of letting the process unfold,” she said.

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