The News-Enterprise: Motion to opt out of unification fails in Vine Grove

The following article by Amber Coulter appeared in The News-Enterprise on October 5, 2011. You can read the full, online version here:

Vine Grove City Councilman Garry McCoy proposed drafting a resolution to opt out of the unification process during Monday night’s city council meeting. Mayor Blake Proffitt had asked if any council members had comments to make before adjourning.

“People have come to me, and I told them I’d listen to them and I hear what they’re saying, and I felt compelled to make a motion,” he said.

None of the other five council members seconded the motion and it didn’t go to a vote.

Councilwoman Donna Spangenberger told McCoy she thinks other council members feel the same way about unification he does, but they want more information.

Opting out now means that Vine Grove loses the option for good, she said.

Councilwoman Donna Betson said she doesn’t support unification, but wants to give promoters a chance to answer questions about it.

“I really hesitate to do it right now,” she said. “I feel there needs to be more discussion.”

Betson said it’s too soon to firmly decide against participating in the process.

“There are way too many questions to join right now,” she said.

Proffitt said he wants to know how much forming a commission to draft a plan for unification would cost Vine Grove.
He also wants a state law that is in the works to be passed before the city seriously considers unification. The law would ensure a county vote couldn’t include Vine Grove in a unified government if city residents vote against unification.

McCoy, who has voiced opposition to unification during two previous meetings, said he thought he had to make the motion on behalf of constituents who have told him that they oppose unification.

“I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere,” he said.

Proffitt laughed and said, “I didn’t.”

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