Unified Government Study: Foster Pettit Speaks, Part 1

As part of the Unified Government Study, HCU sought the advice of two respected voices on the topic. Former mayor of Louisville, Jerry Abramson and former mayor of Lexington, Foster Pettit both were invited to speak to the HCU Steering Committee. You can watch Mr. Abramson’s presentation here.

Today, HCU is pleased to release the video of Foster Pettit’s presentation. In addition to serving as mayor of Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government during the unification, Pettit is a nationally known expert on city-county government.

In Part 1, the honorable Judge Ken Howard introduces the HCU Unified Government Study and addresses some of the goals of the ongoing study:

The study seeks to determine how Hardin County might be served by some form of unified government. The study includes an examination of the existing jurisdictions in Hardin County, an analysis of other communities which have established unified governments, interviews with key community leaders, and community forums held throughout Hardin County for the purpose of sharing some of the early findings from the study, and, most importantly obtaining input from the community’s citizens.

Following Judge Howard’s introduction, Foster Pettit begins the story of Lexington and Fayette County’s merger over 40 years ago.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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