Unified Government Study: Jerry Abramson Speaks, Part 3

As part of the ongoing study examining how Hardin County might be served by some form of unified government, former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson spoke to a recent gathering of HCU. To watch Part 1 of this presentation, click here; for Part 2, click here.

In Part 3 (below), Jerry Abramson provides additional details of the Louisville and Jefferson County merger, one example as Hardin County considers unified government. In this final part of the video, he speaks about the advantages they realized as a unified, metro government. He identifies similar benefits to those highlighted by the HCU Steering Committee:

  1. The ability for the community to speak with one voice and more efficiently target grants and appropriations which will benefit the entire community while improving the community’s standing and stature in Frankfort and Washington, D.C.,
  2. The attainment of a new level of clout that will assist the entire community with economic development, the creation of new jobs and which will create Kentucky’s third largest community,
  3. Streamlined government which will result in the more efficient delivery of government services to all citizens, and,
  4. The achievement of economies of scale which will result in the more efficient use of public resources (tax dollars)

HCU encourages all Hardin County citizens to make your mark on the ongoing study. Please attend the first public forum today, August 4th at 4:30 pm at the Hardin County Schools’ Performing Arts Center.

How do you think the experience in Louisville can help enable us, as Hardin County citizens, to make a good, considered decision? What is your response to the Mayor Abramson’s video?

Please share your ideas, questions, or concerns in the comments below.

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