WDRB Fox 41: Hardin County’s Choice: Become super-city, or keep individuality?

The following story first aired on WDRB Fox 41 in Louisville on September 16. You can see the video of the entire story here: www.wdrb.com/story/15481508/elizabethtowns-choice-become-super-city-or-keep-individuality

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY. (WDRB) — Become a Kentucky super-city, or keep individuality intact? Some cities in Hardin County are deciding they would rather stand alone.

It’s an uphill battle for Hardin County United, trying to convince six cities to merge — and Radcliff is already saying “no.” That leaves Elizabethtown, Vine Grove, Upton, Sonora, and West Point in the mix.

Elizabethtown Councilman Larry Ashlock says, “The thing about what I’ve heard from individuals is sort of the old saying, ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.'”

Elizabethtown leaders aren’t getting good vibes from residents. Tim Walker, Elizabethtown Mayor, says, “The questions they ask is, ‘Well, what would be the benefits if we merged? What services would we receive that we’re not receiving now?”

The merger would create the third largest community in the state, making it easier to receive money, and with a bigger voice in Frankfort and D.C.

Here’s how it would work: Hardin County United informs the public at a series of events, such as a recent Rotary meting. Then the town councils would decide if they’re interested. That would create a commission in Hardin County to develop the plan.

But voters would have the final say.

Luke Schmidt of Hardin County United says, “All we’re asking is for people to give it a chance. Let us put the commission together.”

“I feel that what we have now works, I think it works now,” said Walker, “and I’m just not convinced of the positives at this time.”

Another complaint — residents don’t want to lose their town’s identity.

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