Welcome from Judge Harry Berry

Welcome to the online portal to Hardin County United!  It has been my pleasure to have served as the Chairperson of this new organization since its beginning in 2010.  Hardin County United has a vision for the community’s future – and I’ll talk more about that in a moment.

First, I want to encourage you, your family, your neighbors, co-workers, etc. to consider this Web site as your connection to Hardin County United (HCU).  We have designed this Web site to serve as the platform from which to provide periodic updates on HCU’s activities, research and projects.  You should find this Web site easy to navigate around.

And, this site is designed to be interactive.  We will host polls on items of interest to the community from time to time (be sure and let us know what you think about some of the most important issues that we will be bringing to the community).  As research projects are completed, we will be posting those reports to the site (our first such posting should occur in a week or so and it focuses on education in the community).

HCU is organized with an over-arching Steering Committee and three operational subcommittees: Community Development, Education, and Governance.  At present, 58 of your friends and neighbors from throughout Hardin County are serving on the Steering Committee.  I appreciate the commitment that each of these people have made to the organization (you can see a list of who is serving on our various committees under the Committees tab).

In addition, our three subcommittees are chaired by key community leaders, each of whom is dedicated to working with their respective committees to bring real results to the table.  The Community Development Subcommittee is chaired by One Knox Executive Director Brad Richardson.  The Education Subcommittee is chaired by North Central Education Foundation President/CEO Al Rider.  And, the Governance Subcommittee is chaired by Hardin County Circuit Court Judge Ken Howard.  HCU is also receiving management and consulting services from Luke Schmidt, President of L.B. Schmidt & Associates, LLC, the consulting firm that recently completed the County’s Vision Project.

As I said at the beginning of this post, HCU has a vision for the future of the community (and, when we speak about “community,” we are referring to Greater Hardin County).

Hardin County is one of Kentucky’s largest counties – both in terms of population and area.  The County is going through a major transformation – one which is positive in every way – through the base realignment at Fort Knox.  While much of the country is still working through the remnants of the recession, we’ve been blessed as a community with almost 8,000 new jobs when all is said and done with the realignment.  We stand to serve as the growth center for Kentucky for the next several years.

When Hardin County Government commissioned the Vision Project, we did so with the intent of capitalizing on BRAC in order to further position the community for future growth.  The Vision Project identified our strengths as well as weaknesses, reviewed current growth opportunities and illustrated the need to maximize efficiencies.  Through the visioning process, we established 24 strategic goals for the community’s future over the next 15 years.

HCU was established to prioritize the goals and to develop implementation strategies for those that the organization deems to be appropriate.  In the end, as we move these issues forward, we hope to engage the community in a dialogue about the community’s future and move forward and speak with one voice.  Experience has taught us that when we speak with one voice, we can accomplish so much more.

Be sure and sign up for our updates here on the site.  We look forward to including your voice in our community’s dialogue about the future!

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